Silver ten difficulties in the hottest butanone Ma

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The "silver ten" of butanone market is difficult to continue.

this year, the butanone market has demonstrated a real golden nine silver ten market. The price has climbed from around 8200 yuan (ton price, the same below) at the end of August with excellent R & D resources to 9500~9700 yuan in late October, with an increase of more than 15%

with the rising market price, the domestic butanone market gradually shifted from the seller's market to the buyer's market in September last year. The decline in East China, South China and other regions became apparent, and the price fell after peaking, moving down 50-100 yuan, releasing the inflection point signal. Under the negative effects of profit taking by traders and extended downstream demand, category 3 is mainly used for the continued downturn of general laboratory machines, especially the operating rate of manufacturers will increase, butanone is difficult to continue the silver ten market in the future, and the downside risk is accumulated. Director Zhu of PetroChina Northeast sales company and other market participants gave such an analysis of the current butanone market

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