Silica gel desiccant for the hottest packaging

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Silica gel desiccant for packaging industry standard No. GB

standard name package its environmental protection benefit is 10 points significant. Silica gel desiccant for packaging

bid winning classification

standard translation Name: Determination of fracture toughness of silicon fine ceramic materials icageldesiccantsforpacking

subject content and scope of application

this standard stipulates the package. What is your understanding of mechanical performance testing machine? The following is a brief introduction to the working principle and advantages of the mechanical performance testing machine. The classification, model and technical requirements, inspection rules, packaging, marking, storage and transportation of silica gel desiccants. This standard is applicable to silica gel desiccants for packaging made of sodium silicate and sulfuric acid. Most of them have been used for 30 (40) years for the purpose of moisture-proof, mildew proof and rust prevention of various products (commodities) in storage, transportation and storage, and to control the relative humidity of the environment

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