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Simon of the United States once again joined hands with Minsheng Bank to build a first-class data center

Simon of the United States, the world's famous leader in communication cabling, has been established for 111 years, with sales and service networks all over the world. Since entering China in 1996, Simon has always attached importance to the publicity of brand value and the commitment of service quality, established a good market image in China, and won many large-scale projects in government, communication, finance, power, medical treatment, education and other industries, such as the 120000 point connection project of the Ministry of railways, the 80000 point Asia Pacific data center of HSBC, and the 50000 point informatization project of the Ministry of finance, Shenzhou manned space project 30000 point project, etc

to provide users with the greatest value is the business philosophy that Simon has adhered to for more than 100 years. Simon has always been attentive to every customer, and has established long-term cooperative relations with many customers with high-quality products, top-notch technology and perfect after-sales service. In China's banking industry, Simon's long-term customers include the people's Bank of China, Bank of China, industrial and Commercial Bank of China, China Construction Bank, etc. Recently, Simon of the United States once again joined hands with China Minsheng Bank to build its head office data center

China Minsheng Bank was officially established in Beijing on January 12, 1996. It is the first national joint-stock commercial bank in China that is mainly invested by non-public enterprises. The involvement of various economic sectors in China's financial industry and the realization of a standardized modern enterprise system have made China Minsheng Bank different from state-owned banks and other commercial banks, and have attracted the attention of economic and financial circles at home and abroad. As of December 31, 2013, China Minsheng Bank has set up 36 branches in major cities across the country, with a total number of 852 institutions. In the 2013 top 100 list of capital brand values released by the China listed company market value management research center, Minsheng Bank ranked first with a low conversion rate of 78.377 billion yuan. In order to achieve the goal of building a characteristic bank and benefit bank, and create greater value and return for customers and investors, China Minsheng Bank is actively promoting the adjustment of management structure and organizational system, the adjustment of business structure and the construction of science and technology platform, and striving to achieve a second take-off. Among them, the most important thing in the construction of technology platform is the data center of Minsheng Bank

this time, the data center of Minsheng Bank is located in Mapo Town, Shunyi District, Beijing. It is one of the three centers of its planned new core production - local disaster recovery - remote disaster recovery. The first phase of the data center has three floors and nine machine rooms. For the design of the generic cabling system in the computer room, the guiding ideology of Minsheng Bank is to implement the national guidelines and policies on energy conservation and environmental protection, to achieve advanced technology, economic rationality, practicality and reliability, scalability, openness and flexibility, and to meet the wiring requirements of the computer room network, which is completely open. At the beginning of last year, the Data Center entrusted by Minsheng Bank to Dr. Yu Peng selected the full set of generic cabling system of Simon of the United States. For more than a year, the cabling system of the data center has been running well. The excellent performance, high security and stability, and easy management and maintenance of Simon products have been fully proved. Minsheng Bank was very satisfied with the last cooperation, so when planning the time-consuming and laborious cabling system of the new data center, it first thought of Simon of the United States. Nevertheless, Minsheng Bank carefully conducted a new round of comparison and evaluation of Simon and several other international top cabling brand products. The final result was that Simon won again with excellent product performance and perfect service quality, and decided to cooperate with Minsheng Bank for the second time

Simon of the United States provided the integrated cabling scheme of optical cable and copper cable for the nine module machine rooms of the data center of Minsheng Bank, which is divided into five subsystems: EDA subsystem, horizontal subsystem, HDA subsystem, trunk subsystem and MDA subsystem. In order to ensure that the application of generic cabling system in the computer room has some immature progressiveness when it is completed and put into use, and maintain the domestic leading position for at least ten years in the future, the data center adopts American Simon 12 core OM4 pre terminated optical cable and optical fiber distribution box (fcp3-dwr). Compared with the minimum cable bandwidth of 2000 megabytes of OM3, the bandwidth of OM4 has reached 4700 megabytes, which can fully meet the bandwidth requirements of modern and future data centers. According to the standard approved by ieee802.3ba Committee, the 100g transmission distance of OM4 optical cable can reach up to 150 meters, while the solution of Simon in the United States has always been higher than the industry standard. The 100g transmission distance of OM4 can reach at least 300 meters, which is far beyond the standard specification, which maximizes the flexibility of design, extends the coverage of hydrogel of multimode optical fiber due to its high water content and characteristics similar to extracellular matrix, and extends the power consumption budget, And provide more operating profit margins and support more connection points. Simon's OM4 pre terminated optical cable system allows users to easily upgrade from 10g to 40g and then to 100g without rebuilding the network or deploying new optical cables. Moreover, the system has been terminated and tested in the factory in advance, which can greatly reduce the on-site installation time, and realize the requirements of high-density, rapid deployment and future applications. The use of optical fiber distribution box fcp3-dwr is also a highlight. It can economically connect, protect and manage up to 72 core LC optical fibers in 1U installation space. It integrates high-density fcp3 plug and play modules, facilitates the front and rear drawer trays of optical fiber management, and simplifies the access of optical fiber connection

the project is still in the late construction process. The completed data center will ensure the technology foresight and practicality of Minsheng Bank in the next 20 years, and lay a solid foundation for its information technology platform to rank first in the global financial industry

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