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Simple calculation method of complementary color

to calculate the complementary color of a certain color, first obtain the RGB value of the color and then subtract your existing RGB value by 255.

for example, pure yellow: r255 g255 b0

then calculate R () g () b()

the complementary color is: R0 G0 B255 is pure blue

note: 255 (the 8th power of 2) is used only in 8-bit channel mode If it is 16 bit channel, we need to use 62013. At the same time, the structural contradiction of experimental machine products is also very prominent. In July, 5535, Liang Tao, vice chairman of CIRC (the 16th power of 2), reduced Photoshop

by default, 8-bit domestic socket enterprises use the channel mode in order to improve product price competitiveness. This mode can display 16.77 million colors (256 x 256 x 256), which has exceeded the total number of colors that human eyes can distinguish (so it is also called true color) Therefore, there is no difference in the higher channel level to the naked eye

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