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Schneider Electric atv1100 medium voltage inverter continues to create energy-saving value for customers

global energy efficiency management expert Schneider Electric recently held a core customer Salon of Schneider Electric Medium Voltage Inverter in Sanya, a natural deepwater port with huge resources and market space in Hainan, sharing Schneider Electric's leading technology and successful experience in the field of medium voltage inverter with the industry. By providing medium voltage frequency conversion series solutions, Schneider Electric is constantly creating more energy-saving value for customers than ever before

Xiu Dehua, vice president of Schneider Electric China and head of the industrial business department, said: energy conservation and efficiency increase is an inevitable trend in the development of the world today. In the industrial field that drives the rapid development of China's economy and society, energy efficiency management is the core issue that enterprises pay attention to. Facing the severe energy and environmental situation, Schneider electric medium voltage frequency conversion series solutions can help customers significantly reduce the energy consumption caused by the traditional use of motors in the shortest cycle, and improve production efficiency at the same time. Medium voltage inverter is a strategic product of Schneider Electric. We are proud to see that this product is making positive contributions to national energy conservation, emission reduction and industrial upgrading

in the next three years, the medium voltage inverter market will grow at an average annual rate of 35%, mainly in coal, cement, power, petrochemical, water treatment and other industries. Schneider Electric atv1100 medium voltage inverter uses advanced power unit series technology and space vector control sine wave PWM modulation method, According to the change of load parameters, the automatic operation frequency of the motor. Food plastic packaging is a change that consumers often contact in their daily life. It uses the products on this year's K exhibition to adjust the motor speed, always keep the motor running in the best economic state, completely solve the waste of electric energy under the light load operation of the motor, improve the power factor, reduce the loss and save electric energy

as a mature, stable and successful product, Schneider Electric atv1100 medium voltage inverter has been widely used in many large domestic enterprises. For a long time, this product has effectively improved the power factor of production equipment, further saved the operation cost of upstream equipment, extended the operation life of equipment, not only ensured the continuity of production, but also greatly reduced the operation and maintenance costs. The system is simple to operate and easy to operate, which has produced huge energy-saving benefits for customers. The smaller the polymerization degree of PVC is, the more energy-saving and efficiency increasing value has been created

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