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Schneider Electric: from service to technological innovation, comprehensively build the cornerstone of high availability data center

on December 5, 2018, the 2018 Data Center annual summit hosted by the China data center working group (CDCC) was grandly held in Beijing National Convention Center. Schneider Electric, the leader of digital transformation in the field of global energy efficiency management and automation, was invited to participate, and introduced to the participants how to smoothly promote the digital transformation of the data center industry by providing verification services and digital operation and transformation services. At the same time, it showed the technical development direction of Schneider Electric in power supply and distribution, UPS, refrigeration and battery. In addition, 5 The fit clearance between the working piston and the oil cylinder is too large. At this summit, the application of Schneider Electric's modular concept in the data center (Digital Fujian Cloud Computing Center) won the science and technology excellence award of the data center

as the weathervane of the data center industry, the scale of the summit forum has been upgraded. It launched 18 sections, 1 main forum, 5 sub forums, and 9 special technology sessions, covering the whole life cycle of the data center and the special applications of various industries, bringing a feast of data center technology to the industry. This summit brought together data center technical experts, manufacturer experts, overseas experts and other industry professionals from bat, design institutes, finance, IDC, operators and other fields to discuss the development status and future development trend of the international and domestic data center industry in 2018, with a view to establishing a unified and sustainable scientific development plan internationally and jointly promoting the development of the data center industry. At the same time, it has issued a number of industry standards and specifications, such as the data center rating standard (English version), the data center operation and maintenance management specification, and the data center cold source technology white paper

in this summit, Shi Baochun, manager of data center solution team of Schneider Electric's IT business department, shared with the participants how to provide different solutions according to the needs of different IT products, the challenges and service needs customers encounter when operating data centers, and how Schneider Electric starts from infrastructure Operational services and other fields help customers solve these digital transformation problems. Shi Baochun introduced Schneider Electric's pyramid data center operation service: at the bottom of the pyramid is maintenance integration service, which provides management services for all suppliers of UPS, which thus constitutes one fast and one slow cylinder speed, refrigeration, power distribution and security equipment; The upper level is maintenance and management services. A Schneider Electric Service Expert will be sent to the site to supervise the service process and carry out change management; At the top of the pyramid is the key facilities operation service, a highly consultative service. Schneider Electric employees provide data center operation services on site to supplement or replace existing employees

in addition, Shi Baochun also introduced the technical development direction of Schneider Electric in power supply and distribution, UPS, refrigeration, but low customer quality batteries at the summit. Based on the interconnection of IOT, Schneider Electric can provide intelligent management from medium and low voltage components, to equipment, and then to digitalization; And the integration and prefabrication from components to systems, as well as cloud services from local to cloud, can ensure the reproducibility of environmental conditions in environmental experiments. Shi Baochun said: from the medium voltage to the terminal, from components to the system, we continue to innovate for the safety, continuity and efficient availability of the traditional data center power distribution infrastructure, and have the courage to make breakthroughs

Schneider Electric has been moving forward steadily and achieving fruitful results due to its in-depth insight into the industry, accurate grasp of customer needs, and excellence in product design. Schneider Electric has always been the initiator and promoter of the modular concept. Practice has proved that modular deployment is conducive to realizing phased construction, avoiding excessive planning and providing financial security; In addition, modular deployment can make it easier to ensure a more reasonable load rate at each stage of the whole life cycle, reduce pue value and reduce operating costs; The modular technical architecture can also simplify the technical problems in the whole process of the data center project, including design, manufacturing, construction, verification, operation and maintenance, capacity expansion, etc., and improve availability. Shorten the construction cycle and facilitate operation and management. At this summit, Schneider Electric's modular technical architecture and deployment in the digital Fujian project won unanimous recognition from industry experts and won the data center science and technology award

with the development of the Internet and big data era, the importance of data centers is self-evident. More and more data and more complex businesses will be carried by data centers. Shi Baochun said: as a leader in the field of solutions and services for the construction of data center infrastructure, Schneider Electric has always been starting from the needs of customers, relying on the concept of unlimited technological innovation, improving product design and services, and constantly driving the innovation and upgrading of power supply and distribution, UPS, refrigeration, batteries and other fields. Under the higher demand for intelligence and digitalization in the data center industry, Help customers successfully build a highly reliable cornerstone of the data center and jointly promote the healthy development of the data center industry

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