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Schneider Electric appeared at the Hannover industrial exhibition to help customers improve digital revenue

China news, April 4 (Xinhua) -- a few days ago, Schneider Electric appeared at the 2109 Hannover Industrial Expo. Under the theme of "industrial integration - industrial intelligence", Schneider Electric showed its connected products, solutions and services at the Expo to reduce greenhouse gas emissions, enabling customers to embark on a journey or accelerate digital transformation. The industrial applications, products and services based on ecostruxure platform exhibited by Schneider Electric can help decision makers and managers realize the digitalization of operations confidently, economically and quickly

he Weike, executive vice president of Schneider Electric Industrial automation business, said: "In order to enable industrial digitalization and maximize users' revenue in a rapidly changing environment, we have launched products, solutions and services that are closely related to ecostruxure architecture and platform and are oriented towards industrial objects to help managers in various fields digitalize machines and processes and improve efficiency and flexibility in an increasingly competitive environment."

ecostruxure platform brings productivity improvement and industrial IOT oriented solutions to machine manufacturers

ecostruxure provides machine manufacturers with powerful real-time control and analysis capabilities to help them improve operational efficiency throughout the machine life cycle. At the Hannover Industrial Expo, Schneider Electric launched a new TeSys Island (digital motor control and protection system) and Modic, which focus on the ruggedness of the detection user on m262 logic and motion control line. They are devices used to test the strength of experimental pieces in environments other than temperature and humidity. They can seamlessly cooperate with ecostruxure for machine manufacturers and bring powerful functions to machine manufacturers, Enable original equipment manufacturers (OEM manufacturers) to easily integrate industrial IOT functions into new and existing machines:

TeSys island is a new generation of digital motor control and protection system, which is controlled by PLC via communication bus. It supports a variety of mainstream communication protocols. The product provides a variety of i/o and starter module options to meet the motor control, protection and energy consumption monitoring below 37KW, It also provides a variety of innovative avatars function blocks to meet many industrial applications, help customers upgrade their equipment and seamlessly embed the industrial IOT

modicon m262 has an embedded direct 1956 cloud connection and encrypted communication protocol, which can support up to five independent Ethernet open communication protocols, and can realize fast logic and motion control under demanding application conditions. The motion performance of Modicon m262 is 30% higher than the average level of the same level controller in the market, and the CPU running speed is better than the average level of the same level controller in the market

the new ecostruxure consulting applications and services will help enterprises start or accelerate their digital journey

it is reported that comprehensive digitalization sometimes discourages enterprises. Enterprises often worry about the loss of investment when they adopt new industrial IOT oriented equipment to replace existing machines. A series of new ecostruxure applications and services launched by Schneider Electric make it easy to integrate secure and cloud based industrial IOT, while reducing the cost and time of implementation. Schneider Electric's new consulting applications and services displayed at Hannover Industrial Expo include:

ecostruxure power consultants, which can provide energy managers with data quality and network health, and build a reliable data base based on real-time information and suggestions of data quality

ecostruxure IT consultants can provide data center managers with a real-time overview of data center operations, optimize operational capabilities, adjust plans and analyze business impact, automate workflow, and implement energy based billing to achieve the purpose of reducing operating expenses and improving investment return

ecostruxure workplace consultants can use the intuitive and visual dashboard to analyze the data of IOT equipment and systems in the building, and then provide operability for building managers to help them create intelligent workplaces, maximize space efficiency and improve the quality of life of residents

ecostruxure process security consultant is a digital process security platform and service, which can gather real-time data, analysis and insight from multiple sites and geographical locations into a user interface, so that customers can understand the existing risks in a few minutes, and then take timely actions to achieve the desired business results

ecostruxure equipment efficiency consultant is a professional intelligent manufacturing software tool created by operators, production managers and maintenance personnel. It can collect, measure, analyze and report on operational performance, availability, quality and overall equipment efficiency (OEE) while performing root cause analysis

ecostruxure pump performance consultant can improve the performance, efficiency and sustainability of domestic water and waste water pump stations. Through consulting and saads (software, i.e. digital services), the service department can provide users with maintenance cost evaluation, and the service department can convert operable insights into specific feasible operation suggestions through user kanban

ecostruxure CIP consultants help food and beverage enterprises eliminate losses and reduce consumption by using CIP monitoring tools with traceability and diagnosis functions, product loss monitoring functions, energy monitoring Kanban, and real-time reporting. CIP consultants also include a complete set of on-site inspection tools to check whether users' operations comply with best practices in energy, automation and processes

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