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Schneider Electric and Chint Group reached a settlement on the intellectual property case

the patent infringement dispute between the world low voltage electrical giant Schneider of France and Chint Group, a Chinese private enterprise, reached a settlement in Hangzhou on the 15th. Schneider paid a compensation of 157.5 million yuan to Chint, which settled the largest intellectual property case in China

the Zhejiang Provincial Higher People's court announced its judgment in court on the morning of the 15th after only 10 minutes. The infringement case of Chint v. Schneider, which had been disputed for nearly three years, reached an in court settlement and the lawsuit was terminated. Xuzhiwu, the legal director of Chint Group, said that the two sides reached an agreement in the mediation, That is, based on this case and Jeff of both parties said, "I can see the existing situation of the two major trends. Schneider declared that it respects Chint's patents involved in this case and paid a compensation of 157.5 million yuan. According to the agreement, Schneider Electric low voltage (Tianjin) The company will pay Chint all compensation within 15 days. If Schneider fails to pay in full within the specified time limit, Chint has the right to apply to Wenzhou intermediate people's court for enforcement according to the result of the first instance judgment

Liu Daochen, a lawyer of the plaintiff fangzhengtai Group Co., Ltd. and a partner of Hanting united law firm, said that the out of court settlement was the best result and represented the wishes of both parties

in addition to the court's mediation, Schneider Electric of France and Chint Group Co., Ltd. also reached a global settlement. Xu Zhiwu said that the two sides will issue a statement at an appropriate time to disclose the relevant contents of the settlement agreement

the night before the trial, we were still conducting arduous negotiations. Xu Zhiwu said that the two sides did not reach a final agreement until 2 a.m. on the 15th. According to reports, the two sides of the case had a negotiation for more than 20 days before the printing quality of plastic bags had to be uniform, with the participation of the top leaders of Chint Group and Schneider Electric Group

in July 2006, Chint Group infringed on Tianjin Schneider's circuit breaker products On the grounds of the patent right of No. 5 utility model, it was sued to the Wenzhou intermediate people's court, requiring Tianjin Schneider to immediately stop selling and destroy five models of infringing products, and filed a high claim of 330million yuan. During the litigation, Schneider filed a request with the Patent Reexamination Board of the State Intellectual Property Office of China to rule that Chint's patent was invalid, but it was rejected. Xu Zhiwu said that as the most authoritative institution in China's intellectual property examination, the administrative judgment of the Patent Reexamination Board subsequently became a strong basis for Chint to defeat Schneider. In September, 2007, the Wenzhou intermediate people's court lost the first trial of Schneider, which required the plaintiff Wenzhou Chint Group to pay compensation of more than 330million yuan, and was ordered to stop production of infringing products

after the first instance judgment was pronounced, Schneider appealed to the Zhejiang Provincial High Court on the determination of patent infringement and the determination of compensation amount in this case. The subject matter of the claim has set the highest price in China's intellectual property disputes, which is known as the first case of China's intellectual property rights, and has attracted domestic and foreign attention

the dispute between Zhengtai and Schneider has a long history. Since 1999, Schneider has filed nearly 20 infringement lawsuits against Chint at home and abroad. According to the Zhejiang Provincial Intellectual Property Office, since 1999, Schneider has filed several patent infringement charges against Chint in France, Germany, Italy and other countries. In France, we won an all-round victory. In the whole European region, many lawsuits are still in progress, but basically in a favorable situation for me. Xu Zhiwu said

the industry speculates that the global settlement reached by both parties may mean that both parties will also stop litigation on a global scale

it is understood that both parties to the case are leading enterprises in the low-voltage electrical appliance industry

Chint Group is one of the leading enterprises in China's power transmission and distribution industry and one of the largest enterprises in the production and sales volume of China's industrial electrical appliance industry. After 25 years of development, it has successfully entered more than 80 countries and regions, and entered major markets such as Britain, France, Germany and Italy occupied by multinational companies such as Schneider

the defendant Schneider Electric low voltage (Tianjin) Co., Ltd. is a joint venture established by Schneider Electric in China. Schneider Electric is a multinational enterprise established in France in the fields of power transmission and distribution, automation and industrial control. It is one of the world's top 500 enterprises. It entered China in 1979 and currently has a total investment of about 5billion yuan in China. Schneider Electric has been one of the industrial pioneers in France and a giant in the world's low-voltage electrical field since the establishment of the 1831 phase plant, which will be put into operation for six years

according to the data from the higher people's Court of Zhejiang Province, from 2003 to 2008, the courts of Zhejiang Province accepted 464 cases of foreign-related intellectual property disputes. Most of them are disputes between Zhejiang private enterprises and internationally renowned companies, especially with companies in developed countries such as the United States, Japan, Britain, France, Germany, Italy and so on. In these foreign-related cases, the success rate of foreign companies is more than 95%. Among the 215 foreign-related cases concluded in 2008, the success rate of foreign obligees as defendants is as high as 99.07%. At the same time, the cases of Zhejiang private enterprises suing foreign companies for infringement are also increasing year by year. In foreign-related cases, Zhejiang private enterprises accounted for only 1/7 of the plaintiffs, and the rest were defendants

the important reason why Chint Schneider case has attracted much attention at home and abroad is not because of its high target, but because of the attitude of Chinese enterprises, especially Chinese private enterprises, towards intellectual property. Nan Cunhui, chairman of Chint Group, said

the industry also believes that paying attention to and being good at using legal weapons to protect intellectual property rights has always been the advantage of foreign enterprises, especially multinational companies. Chint's successful performance in this case not only reflects the importance Chinese enterprises attach to intellectual property rights, but also proves that Chinese enterprises have begun to know how to use legal means to protect themselves

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