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Xinshida acquired zhongweixing and joined hands with Beijialai

xinshida released its semi annual report on August 19, which showed that the company's revenue and net profit increased steadily, realizing an operating revenue of 501million yuan, an increase of 23.43% over the same period last year; The operating profit was 73.5814 million yuan, a year-on-year increase of 27.51%; The total profit was 92.3845 million yuan, an increase of 18.78% year-on-year; The net profit was 78.9829 million yuan, an increase of 18.52% year-on-year; Among them, the net profit attributable to shareholders of listed companies was 78.8843 million yuan, an increase of 25.97% over the same period last year; The company also announced the monthly performance forecast: the net profit attributable to the parent company increased by 20% - 35% year-on-year

since its establishment, xinshida has always focused its business on the field of industrial control and drive. While continuing to work in the field of elevator control and drive, we actively expand the business of general industrial transmission products. In 2006, Shanghai Singh Linna xinshida Motor Co., Ltd. was established with the business direction of R & D, manufacturing and sales of general-purpose industrial control and variable frequency drive products. The self-developed high-power inverter project for Hong Kong Machinery has been listed as the 2011 Shanghai major technical equipment development special project and the 12th Five year National Science and technology support plan, and has received special government funding support. In 2012, xinshida achieved a breakthrough in the channel resources of general industrial transmission products by participating in Shanghai Beike Liangchen automation equipment Co., Ltd., the largest channel of Yaskawa, Japan, and rapidly increased the influence of xinshida in the industrial automation product market

after its listing, xinshida has successfully extended and expanded its business to high-voltage inverter, medium and low-voltage high-performance inverter, energy feedback and other energy-saving fields, as well as servo and motion control, industrial robots and other intelligent manufacturing equipment fields, which will also provide product guarantee for the continuous growth of xinshida's performance in the future. The listing of xinshida has greatly improved the brand image and financial strength of the enterprise, and also laid a foundation for the enterprise to promote the rapid development of key businesses through capital operation

in the process of development, xinshida is fully aware that motion control and industrial robots are the key development directions in the field of industrial automation in the future. In the future, it will focus on developing businesses in the fields of motion control and industrial robots, and continue to increase R & D and capital investment in the two fields

in the first half of 2014, the company invested 39417520.66 yuan in R & D, accounting for 7.86% of the operating revenue. The main R & D projects include industrial robots, robot special controllers and servo systems, robot control drive integrated machines, motion control and drive integrated machines, high-performance industrial control frequency converters, elevator IOT technology, new elevator control and drive equipment, etc

acquire all for all and seize new opportunities for the development of the robot industry

for the future development of xinshida, the leadership of the company realizes that motion control and industrial robots are the key development direction in the field of industrial automation in the future. Feng Jun, the Secretary of the board of directors of the company, once pointed out in an interview that the reason why xinshida aims at industrial robots is that on the one hand, based on the gradual disappearance of China's demographic dividend and the rising labor cost, industrial and mining enterprises are forced to pay attention to the problem of machines gradually replacing labor; On the other hand, the company has the advantages of professional technology in control and drive, and these two technologies are exactly one of the four core areas of robot products to reduce the weight

since 2012, xinshida has increased its R & D and capital investment in the field of motion control and industrial robots. The six degree of freedom industrial robot project and the network servo system project independently developed by the company were listed as major technical equipment development projects in Shanghai in 2012 and 2013 respectively, and received special government funding support. In the future, the company is also expected to spend about 200million yuan on the cultivation of related businesses

after the completion of this acquisition, xinshida and zhongweixing will give full play to the synergy effect: on the one hand, xinshida will directly enter its existing customer supply chain system through zhongweixing's sales channels, and quickly obtain high-quality customer resources. Therefore, color difference control technology is also recognized as one of the difficult technologies to master in injection molding. Expand the sales field, improve market share, and achieve leapfrog development; On the second hand, zhongweixing and xinshida have strong complementarities in embedded motion control technology, servo control technology and bus control technology, which helps xinshida integrate as a part of Volvo car group's high-quality resources and improve its technical strength; In addition, it is also the most important point that xinshida headquarters has the application service ability from servo motor to monomer robot and downstream stop, which should be free of damage and cracks. After the acquisition of zhongweixing, it is expected to master the core technology in the upstream motion control field and completely open up the layout of motion control + monomer + downstream application industrial chain, which is very similar to KUKA, the world's leading industrial robot supplier, So as to effectively break the situation that China is still controlled by people in terms of robot body and key parts, and strive to become a new leading enterprise of domestic robots

On August 14, the company signed an exclusive strategic cooperation agreement with Beijialai, which will carry out in-depth cooperation in four aspects: product complementarity, technical exchange, market cooperation and organizational integration, share product development, industry application experience and network resources, and jointly develop projects including robot system and emotionc series servo

according to the data, baccalais industrial automation company was founded in 1979, headquartered in Austria, and has 35 years of experience in the application of industrial automation. It is a global leader in motion control. Baccalais has technological advantages, has a complete industry platform and accumulation of core technologies in machine control, open automation integration and intelligent factory, and has a keen insight into the trend of technology research and development; With 175 branches in 68 countries around the world, it has broad global market resources, has a large number of high-quality customer resources, and can provide complete and rich manufacturing solutions

the signing of this strategic agreement, the company will work with global operation control giant baccalais to share resources and market development, and fully share the technology, industry application experience, global market resources and overseas market development experience of foreign-funded leading enterprises, which will create a new platform for the new future of domestic motion control

so far, through the acquisition of zhongweixing, xinshida has joined hands with baccalais to share technology, experience, customers and market. Listed companies will lead the domestic motion control industry: the company's products have been widely used in various industries of equipment manufacturing industry; Acquire zhongweixing benchmarking KUKA drive control integrated business model and improve the layout of the motion control industrial chain; With its technological advantages and high-quality customer resources, baccalais has taken advantage of all-round advantages to set up R & D and manufacturing centers in China and Germany respectively, and its products are distributed in domestic and foreign markets. Therefore, the operation control and robot business at home and abroad is expected to take advantage of the wind, so that listed companies will most likely develop into leading enterprises in the domestic motion control industry and even the field of industrial automation in the future

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