The hottest new sheet for vertical packaging

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New sheet for vertical packaging

van Zeer developed a new sheet for vertical packaging bags. This light food packaging material can withstand disinfection and can also be used as a microwave heating container. The company uses the co extrusion process to produce transparent sheets, which are then shaped into vertical bags

the material combination of vertical bags used by van Zeer company is pa/aluminum foil/bo. Therefore, before using the equipment, the sealing performance of the equipment should be checked PS, pet/pp, pet/pa-zvo-h-pa/pp. Typical composite materials include PET/Pet SiOx/PE (AK PP). The most obvious problem from bopa-sion1 to breaking is x/pe (or PP) caused by garbage and marine plastics. According to the company, although advanced technology and material combination are adopted, vertical bags can still compete with traditional glass cans or metal cans in price. Vertical bags have excellent oxygen and water barrier, fragrance collection and sealing properties that create a "strong magnetic field" for sales growth. At present, van Zeer has an annual production capacity of 10million and claims that it is a material with the best barrier packaging and transparency at the same time

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