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As one of the high-tech enterprises developing, producing and selling elevator control and drive systems and serving the global elevator industry, Shanghai xinshida Electric Co., Ltd. recently announced its 2018 financial statements

the rise in human costs has made the global manufacturing industry focus on the investment in automation technology research and development. In recent years, the trend of Reindustrialization in Europe and the United States has gradually become hot, prompting the global market pattern to become increasingly strange. Thinking that the mainstream direction of intelligent manufacturing has been irrefutable, China, as the gathering place of the fourth industrial revolution, has pushed the domestic robot market to the forefront. Robot enterprises in various countries have set off a big wave of seizing China's robot market

in the whole robot industry, in the near future, it will also be among the top ten enterprises in the world's top 500. Robots are mainly based on motion control

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throughout 2018, xinshida's total operating revenue was 3534.0167 million yuan, an increase of 3.83% over 2017

according to the financial report, xinshida's subsidiaries are popular, and its core business is in the 3C market. The turbulence in the 3C industry in 2018 also caused the company's operating performance to be unsatisfactory

xiaoaoxiangrong, another subsidiary of xinshida, is mainly engaged in the intelligent flexible welding production line of automobiles. However, due to the problems of capital fracture and operation of the partner BAIC Yinxiang, the operating performance of the company with small errors has also decreased

the main reason for the rise of xinshida's operating income is the growth of robot and motion control business

based on the robot and motion control business, the most important and longest failure of xinshida sensor is the overload of experimental force. It was considered and approved at the board of directors on February 26 that it would set up a wholly-owned subsidiary in Japan with its own funds. Its purpose is to further expand the market layout of xinshida in the field of robot and motion control. In addition, it can further develop and innovate xinshida robot and motion control products through Japan's academic attainments in robotics, human resources and other advantages

according to OFweek robot, the proposal on foreign investment and establishment of subsidiaries of xinshida wrote: what are the functional characteristics of the low-temperature impact testing machine that Shanghai xinshida Intelligent Technology Co., Ltd., a holding subsidiary of xinshida, plans to use its own funds of 160million yen (about 10million yuan)? Set up a wholly-owned subsidiary in Japan, mainly focusing on the R & D and market development of industrial robots, motion control and related businesses

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