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Fuzhou new sanitation car: million "BMW" luxury car operation

Fuzhou new sanitation car: million "BMW" luxury car operation

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sanitation car opens its "big mouth" and easily sends moisture to dozens of meters away; Collect garbage and wash the ground, and the operation of small sanitation vehicles is done at one go. Careful citizens will find that there are many "tall" sanitation vehicles on the streets of Gulou District in Fuzhou, which can operate automatically, and many of them are right-hand drive vehicles

the author learned that Gulou District has purchased a number of imported sanitation vehicles at a price of tens of thousands of yuan. The operating cost of designing a finished product ship will also reduce the traditional counter 74ls193 to one million yuan. Some high-priced vehicles integrate the functions of cleaning, collection, watering, etc., and because of their "small size", they can operate flexibly in small streets and alleys

Fuzhou uses new sanitation vehicles to operate with millions of "BMW" luxury cars

many street sanitation vehicles are right-hand drive

an sanitation vehicle about 3.5 meters long and 2.5 meters wide, slowly moving forward while washing the road. When it encounters the road occupied by vehicles, the sanitation vehicle, like a "transformer", starts to expand and retract the large brush on one side and adjust the height. After a while, the vehicle flexibly extended the brush into the bottom of the vehicle to wash the road where the vehicle was parked

"this machine model is 200uattro, which is a new environmental protection cleaning car produced in Italy, with a value of about 11 million yuan. Our product has a long-term after-sales guarantee. It is the most advanced and expensive environmental sanitation car in Gulou area." The relevant person in charge of the environmental sanitation department of Gulou District told the author that this machine integrates the functions of cleaning, collection and flushing, and can also carry out suction operations for green belts and inspection wells; At the same time, its work efficiency is nearly ten times that of manpower

the author notes that since this vehicle is produced in Italy, its driving position is also different from the traditional domestic sanitation vehicle, which is located on the right side. "We are also people who drive millions of imported cars." During the interview, the driver Xiao Zhang joked

if the illegal operation monitoring platform will alarm

the author understands that in addition to the cleaning machine, the drum tower has also purchased fog gun trucks that reduce the amount of imported waste paper by 34% in 2018 and hot-melt vehicles that can remove "cowhide moss" advertisements. There are 39 large-scale mechanical sanitation vehicles and 112 small-scale mechanical sanitation vehicles, which greatly improve the efficiency of urban cleaning

with the increasing proportion of mechanical operations, how does the Department supervise vehicle operations? It can be seen from the sanitation department of Gulou District that a staff member can log in to the digital sanitation information system to check the vehicle status, stop or work at a glance, and the historical track of vehicle operation can also be queried

"on the platform, if the vehicle sign is not on, it means that it is in a stopped state. If the mechanical vehicle operation is abnormal, the platform will alarm in time." The person in charge said that with the digital platform, the effect of supervision has been greatly improved

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