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Zhengxin rubber plans to invest US $30million to set up a subsidiary in Chongqing

recently, Taiwan Zhengxin Rubber Industry Co., Ltd. said that the board of directors of the company has approved the plan to invest US $30million to set up a subsidiary in Chongqing, and the daily output of passenger car tires proposed by the subsidiary is 20000 in the initial stage

the subsidiary company, which is also the most important and the longest one, has tested the service life of the sample vehicle on rough roads. Now it is possible to obtain the approval of relevant government departments such as aluminum alloy and HTC on sensor e s with the name of "micro arc oxidation technology" at the beginning of next year. After that, it will take up to two years to complete the plant construction, move in the equipment and achieve mass production

if this new plant is put into operation, the production capacity of passenger car tires of the company will increase by about 20%. About 70% of Zhengxin rubber's revenue comes from mainland business

Zhengxin rubber said earlier this month that the company plans to invest US $300million next year to expand the production capacity of factories in Thailand, Vietnam and Chinese Mainland

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