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The new situation faced by the food and packaging machinery industry during the "12th Five Year Plan"

the Fifth Plenary Session of the 17th CPC Central Committee and Premier Wen Jiabao clearly pointed out in the government work report that the 12th Five Year Plan is a critical period for China to build a well-off society in an all-round way, a critical period for deepening reform and opening up, accelerating the transformation of the development mode, and an important strategic opportunity period with great achievements. This scientific judgment points out the direction for the food and packaging machinery industry to size up the situation and plan for development

from the perspective of the international situation, peace, development and cooperation are still the trend of the times in today's world. With the in-depth development of world multi polarization and economic globalization, new changes have taken place in the world economic and political pattern, industrial adjustment and scientific and technological innovation breed and give birth to the development of emerging industries, and the international environment is generally conducive to China's peaceful development. However, due to the lack of endogenous power to get rid of the global financial crisis, the world economic recovery will be sluggish for a long time and even suffer twists and turns, which will affect the sustained growth of China's foreign demand market. In 2010, the price of bulk commodities rose, and the price of raw materials such as oil, gold, iron ore and copper will continue to rise and fluctuate. Imported inflation expectations and China's cost inflation will affect the domestic market. In view of the escalating trade protectionism in China, some developed countries have put forward Reindustrialization strategies and issued bills and policies to promote the development of manufacturing industry. Some developing countries have also taken advantage of their comparative advantages to undertake the transfer of international manufacturing industry. We are facing a severe situation of blocking in front of us and chasing after us in the international market. Europe and the United States are trying to consolidate and make use of their economic and technological advantages to form strong pressure on China, and strive to maintain and strengthen monopoly control over important products. They are intertwined with carbon emissions and other issues, making the manufacturing and economic and trade fields full of conflicts and games. At the same time, we should also fully consider and predict the impact of some emergencies and natural disasters on China's economic development. The impact of the earthquake and tsunami in Japan and the nuclear crisis, as well as the turbulence in the Middle East and Central Africa, should be carefully studied and properly dealt with. It can be said that in the coming period, the external environment for China's development is still extremely complex, and many foreseeable and unpredictable risks, challenges and difficulties still exist

from the domestic situation, China's industrialization, informatization, urbanization, marketization and internationalization are advancing rapidly, the transformation of economic structure is accelerating, the market demand potential is huge, the supply of funds is sufficient, the quality of labor is improving, the infrastructure is improving day by day, the social security system is improving step by step, the government's macro-control and ability to deal with major challenges are increasing, and the favorable conditions for development and the long-term trend of improvement have not changed. However, we should see that the costs of land, raw materials, labor and other production factors continue to rise, the constraints of resources and environment continue to strengthen, the economic aggregate is large, the structure and efficiency are poor, the ability of scientific and technological innovation is not strong, the dependence on foreign trade is high, trade frictions occur frequently, coupled with the adjustment of the RMB exchange rate, there are potential risks in the export-oriented economic growth mode. These problems will have a negative impact on our food and packaging machinery industry to varying degrees. It is urgent to adjust the structure and change the mode. During the 12th Five Year Plan period, as China's macroeconomic development will take expanding domestic demand as the long-term strategic policy and basic foothold, as the fundamental way and internal requirement to promote development, and take ensuring and improving people's livelihood as the starting point and foothold of all work, we will adhere to overall planning and give consideration, and strive to improve the comprehensiveness, coordination and sustainability of development. The determination of the concept and strategy of scientific development will have a far-reaching impact on the national economy and society as well as the development of the food and packaging machinery industry

from the perspective of industrial situation, after nearly a decade of development, China's food and packaging machinery has made considerable progress in all aspects. At present, there are about 7000 enterprises engaged in the production of food and packaging machinery, but more than 95% of them are small and medium-sized enterprises, private enterprises, and there are great differences in the distribution between the East and the West. Most of the production enterprises are concentrated in China's economic development, biomedical materials are not drugs, such as the Pearl River Delta, Yangtze River Delta Bohai rim and other regions. It is an indisputable fact in the food and packaging machinery industry that small but large, many but not large, and large but not strong. There is still a big gap compared with the manufacturing level of developed countries. It is mainly manifested in: the ability of independent innovation is not strong and insufficient attention is paid to, advanced technology depends on foreign countries, and the passive situation of high-end equipment relying on imports has not been effectively improved; Vicious price competition still exists, product sameness and plagiarism are still common, the idea of "easy to get rich" is still very serious, the basic development is relatively lagging behind, and basic spare parts, automation, intelligent control systems and testing instruments, machining and basic manufacturing equipment obviously lag behind the development of the main machine, and have become three bottlenecks affecting the upgrading of food packaging machinery products to the high end; The development of modern manufacturing industry lags behind, the proportion of traditional processing manufacturing industry is too large, and the proportion of modern manufacturing service industry is too low; The industrial growth mode is relatively extensive, many of the rapid development of the industry is still at the cost of resource consumption, the product quality, technical content and added value are low, and the production efficiency and operating efficiency are significantly different from their counterparts in industrial developed countries. China's food and packaging machinery industry has achieved a leap from small to large, from weak to strong, and still needs to make arduous efforts

in the face of new situations and challenges, the food and packaging machinery industry must prepare for a rainy day. In accordance with the requirements of the scientific concept of development, it is good at grasping and making good use of opportunities from the changes of domestic and foreign situations, but the export proportion of extruders is still low. It is necessary to learn to think and answer new topics with world vision, strategic thinking and super consciousness

first, cultivating and developing high-end equipment manufacturing industry and building well-known brands in the industry are the only way to expand and strengthen the food packaging machinery industry

the Fifth Plenary Session of the 17th CPC Central Committee made a major deployment to cultivate and develop strategic emerging industries of high-end equipment manufacturing, which is a strategic decision based on scientific judgment of future market demand changes and technological development trends

high end equipment manufacturing refers to the high-end field of manufacturing industry, including the high-end part of traditional manufacturing industry, which embodies the significant characteristics of high-end technology, living at the high end of the value chain, occupying the core part of the industrial chain, and its development level determines the comprehensive competitiveness of the industry. The goal of developing high-end equipment manufacturing industry in China is to realize the autonomy of core technology, localization of high-end products and high added value of export products through industrial upgrading. At the same time, as a strategic emerging industry, high-end equipment manufacturing is the extension and refinement of the key breakthrough task of revitalizing the equipment manufacturing industry, and is of overall significance for adjusting the industrial structure and changing the mode of economic growth. Our packaging and food machinery industry should take the cultivation and development of high-end equipment manufacturing industry as the top priority, strengthen the research and development of core key technologies, break through the weak links in key product areas, and create necessary conditions for seizing the commanding heights of future industrial development, maintaining sustainable development and becoming bigger and stronger

in this regard, Guangdong dayilong Packaging Machinery Co., Ltd., Hangzhou Zhongya Machinery Co., Ltd., Nanjing Lehui Industrial Co., Ltd. and Wenzhou Zhongtian Haoyu Technology Co., Ltd. in our industry have done well, which is also a model for the development of the industry

The second is to improve the quality and efficiency of industrial development, which is the internal requirement of changing the mode of economic development

adjustment emphasizes the optimization of structure and the improvement of development quality. Revitalization requires the enhancement of overall quality and comprehensive strength. The fundamental thing is to realize the transformation of development mode and make products enter the track of scientific development. At present, China's food and packaging machinery industry still lags far behind developed countries in terms of product structure, quality brand, scale strength, production efficiency, comprehensive energy consumption per unit product, material utilization rate, industrial added value, labor quality, management technology, etc. In particular, the export volume of China's food and packaging machinery is still very small. Last year, there was a deficit of 1.35 billion US dollars, indicating that a considerable part of it is still at the low end of the industry, which relies on simple processing and low-cost labor to increase efficiency. We still have a long way to go. The total scale of the packaging and food machinery industry seems to be OK, reaching 182.5 billion yuan last year. However, due to the extensive mode of economic growth, the low level of product profits, coupled with the multiple pressures of rising prices, doubling, relative shortage of energy, and high environmental protection requirements, the original comparative advantages of products are gradually weakened, while the comparative disadvantages are becoming increasingly prominent. In the new round of industrial competition, the industrial safety and development prospects of the food and packaging machinery industry are not optimistic. Therefore, it is imperative and urgent to increase the efforts to adjust the structure, transform the mode and improve the level, speed up the improvement of product quality and efficiency, and pay attention to the development path of product scientific and technological innovation

three units of Newton N and kn (also expressed by "kg kg, ton T, kPa KP") are a strong guarantee for strengthening the research of industrial common technology and improving the innovation ability of China's packaging and food machinery industry

industrial generic technologies are characterized by foundational, progressiveness, risky and shared features, and their R & D level is related to the industrial scientific and technological foundation, scientific and technological strength and overall competitiveness

at present, the research on generic technology in China's food and packaging machinery industry lags behind, and there is a lack of effective system and mechanism, as well as the lack of overall planning and policy guarantee. In addition, the research and development of generic technology is difficult, the investment is large, the cycle is long, and the benefits are spillover. It is difficult to become the main research and development direction of scientific research institutes. A single enterprise is generally unable or unwilling to invest in generic technology research, The long proportion valve is based on the traditional industrial hydraulic valve, and the accumulation period has created a bottleneck restriction on the development of product innovation. In recent years, in order to meet the needs of industrial development for common technologies, some industry associations, enterprises and institutions have called for and taken positive measures to strengthen the research and development of common technologies. However, due to institutional mechanisms and commercial interests, the research on common technologies cannot form a scale, and is lack of systematicness and continuity, and the results achieved are very limited. In order to improve the scientific and technological innovation ability of our food and packaging machinery industry as soon as possible, we must innovate our thinking concepts, take advantage of the momentum of the country and the strength of the industry, promote the establishment of an enterprise oriented system and mechanism for technological R & D and innovation, improve and improve the intellectual property diffusion mechanism of common technological achievements, jointly promote the development and utilization of scientific and technological resources and the sharing of achievements, and form the practical role and effect of promoting innovation, incubation and industrialization, To consolidate the technological foundation of industrial development, cultivate and develop high-end equipment manufacturing industry, and provide innovation support and public service guarantee

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