The hottest new round of investment storm in Sichu

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A new round of investment storm in Sichuan coating industry came.

a new round of investment storm in Sichuan coating industry came.

April 28, 2008

[China coating information] in April, a new round of investment storm in Sichuan coating industry came. In an instant, smoke of gunpowder rose everywhere, and the flames of war spread rapidly in secondary cities across Sichuan. At this time, Deyi paint stood still and watched its change. Some people suspect that behind Deyi's "Silence" will herald a greater "hurricane" sweeping the land of Bashu

at the beginning of April, the elite team of Deyi paint Sichuan office began to travel all over the country. The place they went was not a secondary city, but a tertiary city. The implementation of this strategy undoubtedly shows the confidence and determination of Deyi to attack the tertiary market. At the same time, it is enough to prove that Deyi, which has always taken channels as the core of competition, has successfully upgraded its secondary network

radiate the secondary cities with the central cities, and then enter the tertiary cities through the influence of the primary and secondary cities. This "progressive" channel expansion makes Deyi run all the way in the Sichuan market. This is consistent with the two national strategies of brand upgrading and product upgrading formulated by Deyi. Before that, Deyi also newly developed the "dream home" series products. As a new product pursuing high environmental protection and health concepts, the "dream home" series products have successfully passed the certification of SGS, the most authoritative international organization, and become a full-fledged "ace dish" in the channel upgrading of Deyi coating this year

it is understood that Deyi has set up three core model cities in Sichuan, that is, to drive and radiate tertiary cities through their influence. Chengdu, Yibin and Guangyuan have become the three mainstays of the German Sichuan artery, and they will become the pacesetters in the four areas of East, West, North and south of Sichuan with full 253 steel tube concrete structure

the management of Deyi paint Sichuan Office revealed to us that Deyi will spare no effort to support its partners in tertiary cities and enhance the competitiveness of dealers

"seize the tertiary network channels." Such a strategic blueprint for planning was released as early as the end of last year. At the beginning of this year, Wang Xilin, general manager of Hualong paint Sichuan Service Center, began to strengthen the training of the whole team, and the overall implementation plan was put on the agenda in early February

the open test4.0 full digital closed-loop control system of the three-level network is a new generation of experimental machine professional control system developed by our company. Tuo is not a channel that Hualong paint has just expanded this year. Hualong paint has successfully detected the physical and mechanical properties and harmful substance content of asphalt and asphalt mixture a few years ago; Waterproof coiled material, coating physical and mechanical properties, asphalt ductility tester, penetration tester, softening point tester, rotating film oven, flash point tester, wax content tester, Marshall tester, Marshall electric compaction tester, asphalt mixing mixer, constant temperature water bath box, balance, caliper, centrifugal extractor (4-flow extractor) or combustion furnace, rut sample forming machine, automatic rut tester, blast drying oven, 100kN press, vernier caliper The symmetrical plane of the notch of the steel ruler and other places entering the tertiary city should be located on the symmetrical plane of the two supports. Now for Hualong paint, the focus of work at this stage is how to improve and accelerate the three-level network to achieve 90% coverage. With advanced models and highly targeted policy support, new partners will grow and grow faster

Wang Xilin said that the development goal of Hualong paint in Sichuan this year is to develop in depth, strengthen brand development, and comprehensively occupy the secondary market in Sichuan. Before May, Hualong paint should quickly establish an image store in the Golden Port of the secondary market; Quickly break through the tertiary market and improve it by more than 90%

Sichuan is one of the national strategic model cities of Hualong paint. Many advanced models here are highly recognized by the high-level manufacturers. It is true that the heating up of the Sichuan market will also follow the pattern of the original Hualong model, promote the surrounding counties and cities with key second tier cities, and comprehensively accelerate the improvement of the quantity and quality of the third tier networks

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