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CTCP technology is a technology that not only inherits the advantages of CTP, but also continues to use traditional offset plates. It realizes computer direct printing on the traditional PS plate, so that the plate problem no longer becomes an obstacle to digitization, and the printing enterprise can easily enter a digital world. The emergence of CTCP technology, especially at the 2003 China International all printing exhibition, since CTCP officially appeared in China as a new computer direct plate making technology, its rapid development has attracted the attention of people in the plate making and printing industry, especially small and medium-sized enterprises. It has become another highly competitive direct plate making technology after thermal CTP and violet laser CTP

technical advantages of CTCP

1 Low cost

the first is the low price of plates. Although the price of CTP plate has fallen, it is still quite different from the use cost of ordinary PS plate. CTP plate is about twice that of CTCP plate, and the price of processing and coating is times that of CTCP plate. Assuming that the plate material consumption of a medium-sized printing plant is 3000 square meters/month, and the price difference between ordinary PS plate and CTP plate is 20 yuan/square meter, the plate material cost difference between CTCP process and CTP process is 3000 square meters/month, 20 yuan/square meter =60000 yuan/month, and the printing plant can save 720000 yuan only in plate material expenditure every year

secondly, the equipment is simple. On the basis of absorbing the design essence of the fourth generation products, the current fifth generation CTCP has made some major changes. With LED laser head, the light energy is higher, the exposure speed is significantly improved, and the service life is no longer limited. The most common fifth generation CTCP machine produces more than 23 plates per hour, and the resolution is increased from 1500dpi to 2400dpi

2. Good compatibility with traditional processes

since CTCP system still uses ordinary PS plates familiar to printing plants, producers can undoubtedly continue to use various solutions, developing equipment and punching devices in the original plate making process, so as to achieve good compatibility between plate making system and printing machine. For example, in the plate making stage, the proportion of the original liquid medicine can be kept unchanged; In the printing stage, the original printing pressure continues to be used due to the nature of the plate. At the same time, the processes of moistening and washing plates on the printing machine can remain unchanged. Therefore, printing enterprises do not need to worry about various problems caused by the change of printing suitability, and do not need to spend a lot of time and energy to complete the matching between plate and printing machine

3. Excellent imaging quality

ctcp technology uses square pixels for imaging, with clear and sharp point edges. It can excellent reproduce the frequency modulation points with a diameter of 17 m and the order and level of the image with 200 lines/inch, and can also well complete the image reproduction with 250 lines/inch. The German forgra association has tested the point reducibility of different types of CTP technology, and the results show that CTCP system and thermal CTP system have the best point reducibility. Moreover, with the development of DMD technology, the resolution of CTCP plate making machine can be further improved, and the imaging quality will be better

4. Reduce printing debugging time and material consumption

with the increasing number of short version activities in the whole printing industry, version change and machine debugging have become regular work. Reducing printing debugging time can significantly save time and cost. CTCP plate making is more accurate than traditional analog plate making, so the waste of fountain solution, paper, ink and other consumables is reduced during machine debugging

5. Simple operation

all UV materials (printing plates or proofing materials) can be operated in the open room, which can easily sun out printing plates of various specifications and sizes. It can also process multiple plates at the same time, and can be exposed multiple times on the same plate

6. There is no need to change the current hardware configuration

ctcp can use 1-bit TIFF format data and rip data. Conventional developers and processing chemicals can be used without special network interface and process flow

7. Extensive supplies of consumables

the quality and processing stability of consumables of traditional PS plates are better. It is well known that the gearbox (including motor) and the moving speed of sample holder instigate disk. At present, CTP plates still have some problems, such as few plate suppliers, demanding plate development processing conditions, unstable storage and so on

ctcp: there are different ways to identify words. The new vitality of PS version

ps version has always occupied an absolutely dominant position in offset printing. Its excellent water and ink affinity, high printing resistance and image reproduction ability, simple operation and stable quality control all provide a good guarantee for offset printing. In particular, the domestic PS version production scale and sales system have been very mature. PS version has the characteristics of high quality and low price. Therefore, CTCP technology makes the traditional PS version glow with new vitality

at present, some large plate manufacturers such as lucky II glue and Agfa are committed to developing new PS plates with high sensitivity and have achieved great results; The new p-4g high sensitivity positive PS plate developed by the China Institute of Printing Science and technology has twice the photosensitive speed of the PS plate produced now, which shortens the exposure time, improves the efficiency of the main parts of the resin matrix composite in the cold end of foreign advanced aircraft engines, and extends the service life of the plate printer. Huaguang uv-n plate has been successfully applied to the newspaper printing of Wenxin group; Huaguang UV-P plates have been widely used in commercial printing plants in Changsha, Shenzhen, Dongguan and Kunming. The sensitivity of the two plates is not only at home, but also the highest in the world, which greatly meets the customer's requirements for CTCP plate making time. All of these are ready for CTCP plate making machine to expand its market in China

the use of CTCP in China

is satisfactory in the field of packaging and printing. At present, many large and medium-sized packaging and printing enterprises in China have introduced CTCP technology to complete the design and plate making of multi-color, spot color and other packaging products. Among them, the most representative ones are Yonghong printing group, Junsi printing group and Shanghai Baoyin color coated metal Co., Ltd., which mainly print paper packaging prints such as folding cartons, various clothing tags and signs, as well as Ningbo Sanhe printing of comprehensive prints. In addition, CTCP technology is also favored by some professional prepress plate making companies, such as the largest graphic output in Dongguan, Guangdong, and the plate making company Galaxy Printing Co., Ltd

Focus on products such as physics, chemical engineering, biology and Bioengineering, electronic information and electronic measurement, machinery and processing center, power control and electrician, audio-visual equipment, laboratory and teaching instruments and equipment.

at present, most of the customers of CTCP are concentrated in South and East China. More and more printing enterprises are upgrading from traditional plate making to direct plate making with computers, and regard CTCP as saving plate making costs It is a secret weapon to improve quality, efficiency and competitiveness of enterprises. Now the market is expanding. First, the rapid development of the Bohai Sea economic circle, coupled with the Olympic concept, has driven the rapid development of the service industry, including the printing industry, and there is strong demand in Beijing and Tianjin. In addition, other provincial capitals and economic hot spots also showed strong demand

at present, the traditional direct plate making technology is suitable for China's national conditions. It takes into account the technological progress and the improvement of efficiency, and has a certain living space in China. Moreover, China is a big country in the production and use of PS version, so this technology has special significance for China. CTCP is one of the ways that can be considered for printing enterprises, especially some small and medium-sized enterprises, who expect to enter digital computer prepress processing and plate making

although the CTCP system entered the market relatively late, with the decline of equipment price and the improvement of PS version sensitivity, the advantages of CTCP will become more and more obvious, and it will certainly get more and more attention and recognition. It is believed that with the advantages of high quality, high technology and high rate of return, CTCP plate making machine will have a better tomorrow

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