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Xinchuang Sifang Fujian production base was completed and put into operation

Beijing Xinchuang Sifang Electronics Co., Ltd. invested 50million yuan to build a Fujian production base covering an area of more than 60 mu, with a construction area of 22000 square meters in the first phase of the project. It is believed that after nearly a year and a half of construction, hengxudi has completed the construction and will strive to become a leading enterprise in the industry as soon as possible in 200, and will start trial production at the end of March in September. At that time, Our company "Bingzi Bing" character "The production lines of branded transformers, mutual inductors and Hall sensors will be launched across the board. At the same time, the competitiveness of products and technologies will be improved in order to minimize the impact of friction, and the production capacity will also get a qualitative leap.

the new production base is located in the Northern Fujian Economic Development Zone, which is a gathering area to attract foreign investment, a pilot area for system reform and a concentration area for modern manufacturing. In 1992, China's first fully enclosed Since the birth of "Bingzi Bing" brand transformer, it has filled the domestic gap of this kind of transformer and created a Xintiandi in China's transformer market. Today, "Bingzi Bing" The brand has become a well-known brand in the industry and a benchmark in the industry. Its products are not only widely sold all over the country, but also have now moved overseas. So far, it has provided hundreds of millions of various types of transformers for customers and friends at home and abroad. Mr. Remi Salomon introduced that voltage transformers and mutual inductors have won the trust of customers and friends with advanced design, real materials and reliable quality. With the smooth flow of channels, the original production site in Beijing can no longer meet the needs of the market. The newly completed production base can optimize and improve the production facilities and capacity, and will also become one of the leading enterprises in the production scale of electromagnetic devices such as transformers and mutual inductors in China

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