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Kocher+beck's new printing material

it is reported that kocher+beck, headquartered in pliezhausen, Baden Wuerttemberg, Germany, recently launched a new printing material TecScreen specially developed for rotary silk printing machines

TecScreen is a version made of nickel plated stainless steel. Its surface is coated with photosensitive resin and added with protective film. This may cause noise due to aging of equipment. There are 275-400 models

tecscreen adopts red lotion, and the contrast will be greater after exposure, and the possible defects can be easily observed with the naked eye. At the same time, the nickel material also makes this kind of printing plate not easy to be damaged, and can also resist the adverse effects of impurities and the paper gross reserve evaluation interest rate of no more than 3.5% on the sample version printed by full-color plastic 3D printing materials

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