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New product: small linear displacement sensor, dual display fiber amplifier

Turck has expanded the measurement range by 50 300m "m displacement sensor li-q17 series small linear displacement sensor can be used for 50 to 300mm short-distance linear displacement measurement of compact anti electromagnetic interference sensor

the new df-g1 expert dual display fiber amplifier is suitable for small object detection and low contrast applications. Multiple de-g1 fiber amplifiers can work at the same time, which is suitable for electronic assembly processes

small linear displacement sensor

Turck has added a compact li-q17 series small linear displacement sensor with a maximum measurement range of 300 mm. The sensor is based on inductive oscillation circuit to achieve measurement, that is to say, it is not positioned by detecting a magnetic target element, but by an inductive oscillation coil system composed of capacitor and coil. The rugged li-q17 series displacement sensor is completely encapsulated in a plastic shell. Now there are five products of different sizes, which are 50, 100, 150, 200 and 300 mm, with different measurement ranges and working temperatures of -40 to +70 C. The products are available with optional standard analog output (0.10 V, 4.20 MA), which is mainly because the customer does not know the fixture material clearly when selecting. There are models with 0.5 4.5 V voltage output to choose from

Turck's new displacement sensor products are not only compact in installation form, but also have a very small blind area: the electrical connection is 10 mm at one end and 22 mm at the other end. The product provides M12 pigtail connector with 30 cm cable, or the connection method of straight out 2 m cable. Thanks to the intelligent installation and automatic shutdown of the product; Concept, users can quickly install and use li-q17 products under any installation conditions with the standard installation accessories provided. With the help of stable metal clips, the sensor can be firmly fixed vertically or horizontally. The electronic components in the positioning block are designed to be rotatable, so they can be adjusted according to different installation positions. If there is a specific demand, you can also directly set a special sensor measurement range on the equipment

dual display optical fiber amplifier

Turck's joint strategic partner banner released a dual display optical fiber amplifier to improve the elasticity of the matrix material. This product is suitable for a wide range of applications, and the programming is simple. Df-g1 expert product is equipped with 2 sets of digital displays, which display the signal status and starting value at the same time. It is easy to read, easy to operate and can be accurately controlled. The unique teaching and setting mode allows the customer to modify the response time, signal status and sensitivity. This flexible design supports low contrast applications, small object detection and object in place detection

the switching amplifier with a shape of only 10mm wide is very suitable for installation on the actuator of the equipment for packaging inspection or electronic assembly; It is also suitable for counting tablets, capsules or syringes in the pharmaceutical industry or medical equipment; Detect the edge of materials in high-speed transportation. The optical fiber can be installed in a narrow space to realize the accurate detection of small objects with low contrast. At the same time, it is suitable for equipment with high sensitivity point density

the induction output interface is compatible with all standard PLC, man-machine interface and other control systems. The advanced chrominance brightness interference avoidance algorithm can realize the compact and seamless side-by-side installation of multiple sensors. The operator can use variables to optimize the balance between speed and distance

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