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Causes and preventive measures of electrical misoperation accidents

Electrical operators are prone to misoperation accidents in switching operations and power transmission and shutdown operations. The consequences of misoperation range from equipment damage to personal injury and large-scale power failure. Therefore, in order to prevent the occurrence of misoperation accidents, the majority of workers in the power system have long thought of many ways in organizational and technical measures; A lot of work has been done in strengthening the safety ideological education and business technical training of operators, improving and improving the anti error locking function of equipment, standardizing on-site operation procedures and rules and regulations, and constantly strengthening management and assessment; However, misoperation accidents still occur from time to time. In order to prevent the occurrence of misoperation accidents, we must find out various possible causes of misoperation and take corresponding countermeasures

the occurrence of electrical misoperation accidents is caused by management reasons, poor professional level of operators. 3. Foam performance test reasons, human factors of operators, family and social factors, and improper arrangement of operation tasks

I. reasons for operation management

1. Imperfect technical regulations and various rules and regulations will inevitably lead to misoperation. Various technical specifications are the technical guidance and basis for electrical operators to conduct switching operation and accident handling. If these technical regulations are not perfect, there will be wrong guidance, which will lead to misoperation. Various rules and regulations, such as operation supervision system, patrol inspection system and shift handover system, are not perfect, which will make the operators have no rules to follow and cannot be followed in their work, and will inevitably lead to misoperation. Therefore, constantly improving various technical regulations and establishing and perfecting various rules and regulations are necessary measures to prevent misoperation accidents

2. Not strictly implementing rules and regulations is one of the main reasons for misoperation accidents. At present, all places have and improve various management rules and regulations, but the electrical operators do not strictly implement them in actual work, do not follow the procedures in the specific operation process, do not carefully review the operation ticket, resulting in missing operations, do not operate according to the sequence of the operation ticket and skip the operation by themselves, and the guardian does not carefully supervise, resulting in the operator walking the wrong interval, and forcibly unlock the operation process with no effort, Even operation without ticket leads to misoperation accidents

3. The imperfect technical measures of anti misoperation locking device are also one of the reasons for misoperation. At present, most of the electrical equipment of substations and power plants in China are equipped with error proof locking devices. These error proofing devices have different types, technical standards are not unified, and some error proofing devices have incomplete functions. In addition, the error proofing locking devices are poorly managed and poorly maintained. They are often operated by unlocking or unlocking, resulting in misoperation accidents. Among them, the most common misoperation is to close the grounding knife switch with electricity, close the switch with grounding wire, and close the disconnector with load

second, the reason for the poor technical level of the personnel on duty

1. The common reason for misoperation is that the personnel on duty are not familiar with the equipment; The personnel on duty seriously violated the impact toughness test of the safety regulations during switching operation, and the service conditions of some parts bearing repeated impact loads were different, and the "two tickets and three systems" were not strictly implemented. During the operation, the operation ticket was not carefully reviewed, the ticket was not sung during the on-site operation, the name and number of the equipment were not checked, and the wrong interval resulted in misoperation

Complete and effective inspection is also required

2. Lack of operation experience is also a common cause of misoperation. For young workers who have participated in the work for a short time, they have not been trained in actual operation, have little practical experience, and do not strictly implement the provisions of switching operation in operation. In addition, the guardianship work is not in place, which often leads to misoperation

III. The operator's own human factors lead to misoperation

1. The occurrence of electrical misoperation is related to the working attitude of the personnel on duty. Even if all kinds of rules and regulations are perfect, all kinds of rules and regulations are perfect, and the technical level of the personnel on duty is also very high, the improper working attitude and emotional instability of the personnel on duty will also lead to misoperation accidents. Especially in terms of emotional instability, it can be proved that emotional instability is also the root cause of misoperation from the notification of misoperation accident of Xiamen dispatching

2. The operator on duty has a bad heart. He did not carefully consider the hazard sources in the operation, and did not carefully check the state of the equipment under his jurisdiction. The operation based on the image state is also the main source of misoperation

3. There is also a certain connection between the mental state of the personnel on duty and electrical misoperation. When on duty, the personnel on duty can maintain a good mental state, energetic, clear headed, and devote themselves to work, and the possibility of misoperation is relatively small in 1979. On the contrary, the personnel on duty did not have a good rest during the rest period because they were too tired and tired. They had no energy during the rest period, so they were obviously listless and dizzy, resulting in energy dispersion. Errors would occur in the filling and review of the operation ticket, and misoperations such as walking in the wrong room, pulling and closing by mistake were easy to occur during the operation. Family disputes are also factors leading to misoperation

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