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New marketing situation: what changes will China's hardware industry have in 2017

everything is changing, and only change itself is eternal. On the sea going to the other side of national rejuvenation, the longitude and latitude of China's economic ship are also changing. This economy, which has created the longest record of high-speed economic growth in a country after World War II, is facing speed shift nodes, structural adjustment nodes, and power conversion nodes. In the spiral development process, it has entered a new state, new pattern, and new stage, standing in a new historical position. Seek innovation in change, progress in innovation, and breakthrough in progress

2017 China's hardware industry

the people, published on the 14th, published a long commentary on the new direction of China's economy, interpreting the "new changes" in China's economy

new orientation, "how do you think"? Economic development has entered the new normal

the first line of epidemic prevention and control in Guangxi Zhuang Autonomous Region, "what do you think"? Have new ideas in your mind

new direction, "how to do it"? There should be new practice at your feet

national economic events are too far away from us, but new ideas and practices are closely related to us

facts have proved that as long as we grasp new ideas and take new steps, there will always be a good return

for example, the Internet + boom has swept all walks of life in China, and the hardware industry is no exception. Many hardware enterprises have caught up with the Internet + tide, built e-commerce platforms, and carried out online marketing, but it is often the result of a small fight

let's first look at the Internet in the eyes of many enterprises +:

exclusive stations

the most common is that enterprises build their own exclusive stations, which is a traditional form of the hardware industry's most direct participation in the use of the Internet. Unfortunately, many hardware enterprises are still in the most primitive stage, and the stations are very rough, and the product display is very vague

network marketing

with the development of China's Internet, network marketing has become popular. The more common ways in the hardware industry are search engine marketing, e-mail marketing, BBS marketing, blog, microblog, social networking station. Up to now, marketing is the hottest way. Hardware enterprises have their own public platform, but they often operate in a mess, with only a few views. How to drive marketing

the development of e-commerce of high molecular organic materials that can form a certain shape under a certain temperature and pressure and maintain a certain shape at room temperature

the development of e-commerce of hardware is what we have always advocated. However, we also found that the e-commerce of hardware is only at the stage of "Taobao store"

with new ideas and practices, why doesn't there be a considerable return? You have no professional network marketing plan, no professional network operation talents, and no professional design vision team. You just shout a few times under the banner of Internet + foam granulator. How can there be rich returns

today, let's analyze the problems of many hardware enterprise shops. The transaction transformation of shops is nothing more than four problems:

no traffic; With traffic, there is no click through rate; With traffic and click through rate, there is no inquiry; With traffic, click through rate, inquiry, no deal

the reason is that I don't have time and a good team, which leads to the business slipping past my eyes

to operate a store well, it is not only SEO, but also a series of professional operations, such as positioning, planning, design, packaging, publishing, SEO, data analysis, to continuously improve the exposure and conversion rate of the store. Running a store well requires a team and a professional team. But for enterprises, the cost of recruiting a team is too high, and the management will be more difficult

therefore, at the dawn of 2017, hardware enterprises need to focus on team building and replacement within 15 working days, realize hardware e-commerce with the help of Internet + outlets, and make rational use of network marketing to obtain traffic and profits for enterprises

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