Causes and preventive measures of mining accidents

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Reasons and preventive measures for mining accidents in open-pit mines cable raw materials mainly include polyethylene resin for power insulation and signal cables, ethylene propylene rubber, halogen-free flame retardant cable materials, etc.

there are reasons for the existence of any hidden dangers and accidents. The main reasons for the existence of hidden dangers of open-pit mining accidents are the indifferent legal concept of mine owners and employees, weak safety awareness, inadequate safety investment and low quality of personnel

to solve many hidden dangers of accidents in open-pit mining and fundamentally eliminate and reduce the incidence of accidents, we should start from the following aspects:

first, we should strengthen the legal education of mine owners and improve their legal concept. We should conscientiously publicize and implement the production safety law, the mine safety law and the regulations on the application of national invention patents for the research results of mine mining safety, so that mine owners can know the law and understand the law, and engage in mining activities in accordance with the requirements of the laws and regulations

second, strengthen safety education and strive to improve the safety production awareness of employees. We should carry out safety knowledge education and case education, and use blood lessons to persuade and perceive practitioners

third, we should enforce safety investment and standardize the mining environment. Set up alarm and shelter (hole) as required; The lines in the mining area shall be erected in accordance with the specifications, the aged wires shall be updated in time, and the distribution box shall be set according to the regulations. It is forbidden to replace the broken distribution board; It is forbidden to use scrapped vehicles and mechanical equipment, and it is necessary to apply for safety inspection as required; Operators must be equipped with complete protective equipment; The slope of the mining face shall be controlled within 70 ~ 75 as required by the specification; The Yinshan ridge should be leveled in time; The topsoil stripping at the top of the stope surface shall meet the specified requirements, which shall generally be maintained at more than 2 meters, and shall move forward in time with the mining progress; The operation site shall be reasonably used as required, the stacking materials shall be cleaned up in time, and the ponding on the site shall be removed in time; Sufficient safety distance (more than 300 meters) shall be reserved between the production stoppage surface and the buildings and roads from March 1. The floating (dangerous) rocks at the stoppage of each blasting must be thoroughly cleaned; The length of the fuse used for blasting must meet the specification requirements and reach more than 1.2m. In addition, the mine mainly applies for the safety inspection of the working environment in time according to the regulations. In addition to the annual inspection, the mine should apply for inspection at any time in case of major dangerous situations, so as to scientifically eliminate the hidden dangers of accidents

fourth, we should improve the quality of relevant personnel and prevent reckless behavior. The person in charge should receive relevant safety knowledge training ● a good helper of engineering plastics and composite material automobile weight reduction, and obtain the mine manager safety qualification certificate; Operators should participate in relevant professional training according to different types of work, obtain the corresponding "special operation personnel operation certificate", and prohibit unlicensed work and illegal operation, so as to lay the foundation for fundamentally eliminating reckless and blind work

fifth, we should strengthen safety supervision to prevent trouble before it happens. Mining enterprises are generally located in remote areas, relatively hidden, and difficult to monitor. It is also because of this that some people with indifferent legal concepts are daring. As long as the money doesn't matter, they forget the laws and regulations, which makes fatal accidents happen frequently. Therefore, we should strengthen the supervision of mining enterprises and force them to mine according to law and standardize their operations

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