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The new roving frame has passed the expert appraisal recently. The EJK211 roving frame developed by Shanghai Second Textile Machinery Co., Ltd. has passed the new product appraisal in Wuxi Qingfeng Co., Ltd. The experts at the meeting agreed that this machine has a broad market prospect, considerable economic and social benefits, and the main technical indicators of the product have reached the international advanced level

the new roving frame identified this time is a new product developed by Shanghai No.2 Textile Machinery Co., Ltd. and has independent intellectual property rights. The machine is designed with four new control systems that directly drive the spindle wing, bobbin, roller and Longjin, and 6 The quality of electrical equipment is controlled by computer, and the speed regulation and synchronous transmission are realized by four frequency converters. The maximum speed of the spindle wing is 1500 rpm, which can greatly improve the flexibility and intelligence of the spinning process; The transmission of spindle wings and bobbins is novel. One synchronous belt forms six spindle wings or bobbins into a group transmission, which makes the structure more compact and simple. The tensioning wheel can easily adjust the synchronous belt, which improves the spinning speed and transmission stability, reduces the running vibration and noise, and significantly improves the level of labor environment. The transmission device of EJK211 roving frame has been authorized by the national patent that researchers have been looking for similar or better alternative materials

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