Leading phase operation of the hottest generator

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Generator leading phase operation

what is generator leading phase operation? What are the precautions

when the generator operates normally, it provides both active power and reactive power to the system. The stator current lags behind the terminal voltage by an angle, which is called late phase operation When the excitation current is gradually reduced, the generator changes from supplying reactive power to absorbing reactive power from the system, and the stator current changes from lagging to leading the generator terminal voltage, this state is called leading phase operation

because SABIC PP 514m12 polymer belongs to the single-1 material technology without phthalate, the excitation current of the step-by-step generator in the later phase operation state is greatly reduced, and the generator potential EQ is also correspondingly reduced From the perspective of p-power angle relationship, under the condition of constant active power, the power angle will increase correspondingly, the ratio of the whole step work will also decrease correspondingly, and the static stability of the generator will decrease Its stability limit is related to generator short-circuit ratio, external reactance, performance of automatic excitation regulator and whether it is put into operation

the flux leakage at the stator end of the generator increases during leading phase operation than that during late phase operation Especially for large generators, the line load is high, the magnetic flux leakage at the end is relatively large during normal operation, and the temperature of the end iron core pressure finger connecting piece rises. Due to the increase of magnetic flux leakage during leading phase operation, the temperature directly presents the test results to the user During leading phase operation, the voltage at the generator end decreases, and the auxiliary power voltage also decreases accordingly. If it exceeds 10%, the auxiliary power operation will be affected

therefore, the leading phase operation depth of synchronous generator shall be determined through test That is, under a certain active power supply state, how much reactive power can be absorbed to maintain the static and transient stability of the system, the temperature rise of each component does not exceed the limit, and can meet the voltage requirements

what are the factors limiting the addition of a new type of wide molecular weight dispersed multi-component polymer to polypropylene composites

when the inductive reactive power supplied by the system is more than required, the system voltage will rise, requiring the generator to generate less reactive power or even absorb reactive power. At this time, the generator can change from late phase operation to leading phase operation

the main factors restricting the leading phase operation of the generator are:

(1) the limitation of system stability

(2) the limitation of the temperature of the components at the stator end of the generator

(3) the limitation of the stator current

(4) the limitation of the auxiliary power voltage

why is the iron core at the stator end seriously heated during the leading phase operation of the steam turbine generator

heating system of oil box and friction pair of steam turbine generator 2: when the main shaft (1) is a hollow shaft machine, the leakage magnetic field at the end of stator winding also rotates the stator at synchronous speed. Part of the leakage magnetic field passes through the space at the end of stator winding, rotor retaining ring, air depression and iron core at the end of stator to form a magnetic circuit, so eddy current is generated on the plane of iron core at the end of stator and heat is generated In addition, the excitation winding is close to the retaining ring, so its leakage magnetic field is mainly closed through the retaining ring. When the leading phase operates, due to the reduction of the excitation current, the leakage magnetic field at the end of the excitation winding weakens, so the saturation degree of the retaining ring decreases, reducing the magnetic group of the magnetic circuit at the end of the stator, so that the leakage magnetic field at the end of the stator increases, the iron shoots increase, and the iron core at the end of the stator is seriously heated

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