Leading the new experience of intelligence, Changh

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Leading the new experience of intelligence, Changhong unveiled a variety of artificial intelligence appliances

on October 27, Changhong held the 60th anniversary strategic transformation and product launch. At the meeting, Zhao Yong, chairman of Changhong, put forward a new development goal. In 2025, the sales scale will increase to 200billion yuan from 150billion yuan in 2020

in the future, Changhong will continue to deepen its intelligent strategy guided by the new three coordinates, gather high-quality resources, and focus on the development of three major business sectors, including information appliances, industrial services, and military civilian integration, to promote the upgrading of industrial structure. We will strive to be stronger, better and bigger by 2025

since the Third Plenary Session of the Eleventh Central Committee, China has made astonishing achievements in reform and opening up. Manufacturing industry is the cornerstone of China's economic development in some fields with a strong sense of society. In these decades, China has made rapid progress and formed a world leading industrial pattern. As a witness of reform and opening up and an enterprise promoting China's household appliance manufacturing industry, Changhong, under the guidance of the new three coordinate strategy, takes independent technology as the core, and leads China's household appliance industry on the road of innovation

the audio-visual experience has been upgraded, and TV q6a has made a brilliant debut.

Changhong started its business with military industry and color TV, and has experienced the development stage of military to civilian, related diversification and international transformation. Now Changhong has become a comprehensive multinational enterprise group integrating military industry, consumer electronics, core devices and other industries, with products and services in more than 140 countries and regions around the world

the popularization of Internet has ushered in a new era. Under the guidance of the new three-dimensional intelligent strategy, Changhong relies on its strong technical and manufacturing strength to break the original model framework of color TV, and successively launched the first three fusion TV in China, mobile Internet TV, naked eye 3D TV, 4K laser TV, etc. And take the lead in applying AI technology to TV, giving TV a new mission of interacting with people

supported by Changhong's strong technical system, big data and cloud computing rely on household appliances to enter people's lives and serve people. With smart TV as the entrance, through the screening, analysis and utilization of user data, we can achieve business extension in shopping, entertainment, film and television, education, advertising, games and other fields

on the occasion of the 60th anniversary of its founding, Changhong has made persistent efforts to launch a new chiq Ai TV q6a. When it is turned on, it is an AI TV, and when it is turned off, it turns into an IOT speaker. Through IOT and compatibility protocol, consumers can control cross brand devices through chiq TV by sending voice instructions

in addition to the image quality of OLED TV and many other advantages, q6a integrates new far-field speech recognition technology with high recognition rate, one sentence voiceprint registration technology and the world's first full voice AI UI technology, and makes Ai TV more human through TTS emotional voice interaction technology

it is worth mentioning that Ai TV q6a not only has powerful hardware and software functions, but also inherits Changhong's aesthetic TV appearance design style, allowing users to enjoy a smart life

innovative application of black technology, refrigerators and air conditioners lead a fresh life

on the 60th anniversary of its establishment, Changhong information home appliance industry has been upgraded in an all-round way, and introduced new refrigerators and air conditioners with in-depth application of artificial intelligence technology, once again leading the intelligent technology of refrigerators and air conditioners

Changhong Meiling m fresh voice intelligent refrigerator can liberate both hands on the basis of using water molecules to activate fresh-keeping technology. Meiling takes the lead in adopting the industry's first full voice interaction technology. Through the direct dialogue between the user and the refrigerator, the sound screen moves, and the whole process of voice interaction, it can realize the automatic opening and closing of the refrigerator, 3 seconds of flash memory, and truly liberate both hands and time

with the support of water molecule activation and preservation technology, water molecules are activated by vibrating the water in food to produce resonance, fission and penetration, so as to solve the consumption pain points such as short preservation time in traditional refrigerators, more thawed blood and water, and poor BAG preservation. It can maximize the cycle and extend the preservation cycle of ingredients in the refrigerator, such as fruits, vegetables, yogurt, etc., while ensuring that the food taste and taste remain unchanged

on the 60th anniversary of the founding of Changhong, there are many things that need to be done. Changhong air conditioner adheres to the innovation of technology and quality, and has launched a new chiq artificial intelligence air conditioner, which is based on the full voice interaction technology to realize audible recognition, audible positioning, and audible speed regulation. Zhong Ming said that chiq AI air conditioner has the industry-leading technology of hearing and recognizing people, which can intelligently identify users' identities and open the private customization mode; The industry's first audio positioning technology, according to the direction of the sound, to achieve the wind with the sound or the wind against the sound; The industry's first audio speed regulation technology can judge the size of indoor environmental noise and actively adjust the operation mode

take a family of five as an example. When facing the elderly and children, the air conditioner will automatically turn on the care mode to maintain human comfort in terms of wind speed and temperature, so as to ensure the health of specific groups. The application of artificial intelligence technology is not simply a function, but a satisfaction and embodiment of the personalized needs of different groups, highlighting Changhong air conditioning's user-centered service concept

behind every high-quality product, there is the sweat of Changhong people. The information home appliance industry represented by TV, refrigerator and air conditioner is moving into the fast lane of development, keeping pace with Changhong's military civilian integration and industrial service industry. Facing the competition in the new era, Changhong has set its own future development goals

it is understood that Changhong will achieve its development goals of becoming stronger, better and bigger by 2025. Being stronger means that its main industries should rank first in China and cultivate a number of champions in subdivided industries; Excellence means that the total profit in 2025 will be doubled on the basis of 2billion yuan in 2020; To expand the sales scale is to achieve further and program controlled growth on the basis of 150 billion yuan in 2020, which will exceed 200 billion yuan in 2025

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