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After accounting for more than half of the market, the square battery "next step"

the square battery still occupies a dominant position in the power battery market share, mainly driven by the new energy vehicle market and the growth of the installed capacity of the square battery of the top10 enterprises before the installed capacity of the power battery

in the current power battery market with three pillars of square, cylindrical and soft packaging, square batteries still occupy the main competitive advantage, but they also face new challenges

according to the statistics of the "power battery field database" released by the Institute of advanced industry research (GGII), the total installed power of power batteries in China was about 4.17gwh in August 2018, an increase of 44% year-on-year

among them, the total installed power of square power battery is about 3.0. Because the electromagnetic type is 5gwh driven by the principle of electromagnetic resonance, accounting for 73.06%, an increase of 2 percentage points over last month, and the market share is further improved

it is clear that square batteries still dominate the power battery market share, mainly driven by the new energy vehicle market and the growth of the installed capacity of square batteries of the top10 enterprises in the power battery installed capacity

on the one hand, the data of China Automobile Association shows that in August, the sales volume of new energy vehicles reached 101000, an increase of 49.5% over the same period last year. In January, the sales volume of new energy vehicles reached 601000, an increase of 88% over the same period last year. Among them, the sales volume of pure electric vehicles reached 447000, an increase of 71.6% over the same period last year; The sales volume of plug-in hybrid vehicles reached 154000, an increase of 159.7% over the same period last year

among them, square batteries have been widely used in the field of new energy buses, passenger cars and special vehicles with their advantages of large capacity and light weight. In particular, the growth in sales of new energy buses and passenger cars with medium and long endurance mileage has led to a substantial increase in square battery shipments

on the other hand, the power battery market is highly concentrated. The production rate release and shipment growth of square battery enterprises represented by Ningde times, BYD and GuoXuan high tech have further increased the market share of square batteries

ggii statistics show that the total installed power of power battery in August is TOP10, totaling about 90%, with high concentration. There are six battery enterprises with square battery products, including Ningde times, BYD, GuoXuan high tech, Lishen battery, Penghui energy and ha Guangyu, with a total installed capacity of 2.94gwh, accounting for 78%. Among the top10 enterprises with total installed power of power batteries in the month, the number of square battery enterprises has also reached 5

among them, the market share of Ningde times and BYD, two leading square battery enterprises, has exceeded half of the country, and shows a further upward trend, providing a guarantee for the improvement and consolidation of the market share of square batteries

it is worth noting that although square batteries currently dominate the market, it does not mean that soft packs and cylindrical batteries will never have a chance. In fact, with the adjustment of subsidy policies and the development trend of battery technology, the market position of square batteries has been challenged

an obvious phenomenon is that the application of soft pack batteries in the passenger car power battery market is accelerating

since 2018, the attention of new energy passenger vehicles to soft pack power batteries has continued to rise, and soft pack battery enterprises represented by Funeng technology, Shanghai carnet, gateway power, etc. have made significant efforts in the passenger vehicle market this year. At the same time, soft pack battery enterprises, including Guoneng battery, Weihong power, mengguli power, Tianjin shares and Santon new energy, which originally focused on the new energy bus and logistics vehicle market, have also expanded the passenger car market this year, showing that soft pack battery enterprises are eager for the passenger car power market

what is more noteworthy is that even the square battery giant has also begun to lay out soft pack batteries and obtained orders from international car companies, which further reflects the competitive advantage of soft pack batteries and the challenge to square batteries

for example, Ningde times supplied soft pack batteries for Nissan Xuanyi pure electric vehicle in August, Yiwei lithium energy signed a soft pack battery supply agreement with Daimler, and GuoXuan high tech plans to put soft packs into production at the end of the year. The achievements made by the above enterprises in the field of soft pack batteries will have a certain impact on the market share of soft pack batteries and the product layout of other battery enterprises

in addition, several kinds of materials, including LG chemistry, which do not need to redesign their structures, and which are based on high molecular polymers, are most widely used by AESC. Japanese and Korean soft pack battery enterprises such as positive list have entered the Chinese market. The soft pack technology adopted by Volkswagen, Mercedes Benz and other international automobile enterprises will also have a great impact on the power battery selection of domestic new energy passenger vehicle enterprises

moreover, in terms of improving energy density, industry insiders believe that in order to achieve the national goal of reaching 300wh/kg by 2020, soft pack batteries have more opportunities than square batteries, which also provides technical support for battery enterprises and OEMs to layout soft packs

in addition to the above phenomena, a more obvious example is that capital forces are also paying more attention to soft pack batteries

for example, after Jinshajiang capital failed to acquire AESC, a subsidiary of Nissan battery, vision energy immediately took over and quickly promoted the localization process of AESC; Fosun Group takes a high-profile stake in gateway power, aiming at the power battery market competition in the post subsidy era; Black mafneng technology, a soft pack battery, obtained a financing of US $1billion and started the journey of building factories in Europe

after obtaining the blessing of capital strength, the above soft pack battery enterprises will carry out a new round of expansion in capacity expansion, product upgrading, market development and other aspects, and launch a sprint in the passenger car power battery market

in this regard, the soft pack battery may become an important factor in the change of the competition pattern of power batteries in the future. In this regard, square battery enterprises have also made a response. While consolidating the market share of square batteries, they actively layout soft packed batteries to seize the market

objectively speaking, although square batteries currently occupy the dominant advantage, the product performance of soft pack batteries and cylindrical batteries is also improving. Under the effect of subsidy policies and technological development, the future competition pattern of the domestic power battery market will also change to some extent

at present, more and more battery enterprises have changed from focusing on a single product to a diversified layout of products. It can be seen that battery enterprises are also actively responding to market changes, thereby reducing the risk of enterprise development

then, after accounting for half of the country, how will the future trend of square power batteries develop

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